There are many questions that might be running through your mind about your children’s music instruction.  I am including a list of resources I have found helpful here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions!

What is Suzuki method of music instruction?  

Stay posted for a blog post on this very often asked question!  I want to do the answer justice, but in the meantime please click here to go to Wikipedia who does a pretty good job, if a little difficult to read, at summarising the key points.  The Suzuki Association of the Americas also has a good overview here.

How do I find a Suzuki teacher?

The Suzuki Association of the Americas has an awesome website including the ability to search globally for a teacher.  Click here to start your search.

How do I choose a teacher for my child?

Like most things, there is nothing better than a recommendation from a friend or colleague.  However if you do not have such a recommendation, most teachers will offer for you to sit in on and observe a lesson that they have with another student.  During an interview with the teacher it is useful to ask questions that may be relevant for your child – age of child, attention-span of child, interests of child, as well as listen to suggestions from the teacher as to where they will start with the child and how they make it fun.

I think it is also important that you, the parent, feel that you could build a very close relationship with the teacher.  You are going to be spending an hour or so with them, so make sure you like them and that you will enjoy the time spent.

I also look to see that the teacher is a role model for my child.  The teacher will have much influence over the child’s learning of those important life skills – tenacity, perseverance, grit, persistence etc – is the teacher someone who you would be happy for your kids to be learning from?

The decision is a big one as it is an even bigger decision to change teacher, in terms of disruption for your child.  Obviously before you do this it is so important to communicate with your teacher any concerns you have, as most likely they can be addressed without needing to rupture the relationships.

What other questions are running through your mind?  Please contact me and I will get back to you straight away, and post the answers anonymously so that others can benefit!

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