Absolutely not!

The aim of this website is to provide support and assistance to any parent whose young children learn a musical instrument.

When I say young children, I generally mean between 3 and 12 years old.  My experience, and that of others, is that once children reach high school, or close enough, the motivation to practice is more or less in place (or not, unfortunately).

I hope to help parents teach and inspire children during their formative years, where even Dr Suzuki says children are not intrinsically motivated to play or practice a musical instrument.

William & Constance Starr, in their wonderful book, “To Learn with Love: A Companion for Suzuki Parents” said ‘Most children don’t volunteer for practice’.  Most young children therefore will need parental involvement to get them to practice.

My six year old (William) started learning violin this year from a non-Suzuki teacher, however the teacher requires that I attend all lessons and work with him each day on his practice.  I seriously don’t know how William would learn the techniques of correct bow hold, and position of the instrument etc, without my support every day.

My ten year old (Thomas) has progressed from Suzuki music to more modern music of his choice.  This has really upped his motivation to play, yet I still help him when he is learning new, more advance pieces at least at the start.  I still like to sit with him during practice as it is joyous to hear him play and we both like it.  So when I can, I do!


So, absolutely not, if you have an interest in your child’s musical practice, I aim to be of help to you!