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Smart Suzuki Parent is a business designed to motivate and inspire the parents of young children learning musical instruments.  My mission is to create a community of parents that support each other as their children develop the countless life skills that learning a musical instrument teaches.


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“After receiving my free e-Book, I implemented just the first tip and it has made a huge difference to the stress levels of our household. My 8 year old daughter takes herself off to practice each day. As well as lower stress for both her and I, she is progressing much more consistently and so I am delighted!”

“Sometimes I am exhausted all day juggling three children under 8, and two of them learning two instruments. When to fit practice into my day was the constant question in my head. I was beginning to wonder if it was worth it. I was so relieved to find out about the supportive community at Smart Suzuki Parent. I am glad that others also struggle at times and that it is not just me! Now I feel more motivated and that helps my children stay motivated as well”